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Karl J. Schwartz Scholarship recipients

Thanks to a bequest from the estate of this former member of our club, the Rotary Club of Bristol is able to award significant scholarship support each year to deserving graduating seniors from a number of high schools in and around out area.  Eligibility requires residence in the towns of Bristol, Plymouth, Terryville, Southington, Plainville or Burlington.

An exceptionally substantial endowment has grown to a level from which our club is able to distribute many thousands of dollars each year as new and sustained financial support to its beneficiaries over their four year college education.

2015 scholarship winners

2014 scholarship winners

Here is a link to the guidelines for the Karl J. Schwartz Scholarship.

Karl J. Schwartz Scholarship applications are due by March 1.


Fatima Abbas (Bristol Eastern High School)

Feryal Alhamadani (Bristol Easter High School)

Jaymie Bianca (St. Paul Catholic High School)

Kate Fabrizio (Lewis Mills High School)

Kevin Kryzwick (Lewis Mills High School)

Raina Lambert (Bristol Eastern High School)

Nora Smith (Terryville High School)

Grant Sarra (Plainville High School)

Casey Walters (Bristol Central High School)


Brianna  Della Valle (Terryville High School)

Jon Jennetta (Lewis Mills High School)

Roberto Luis-Fuentes (Bristol Central High School)

Morgan Shubert (Southington High School)

Gregory Sileo (Plainville High School)

Gagganreet Singh (Bristol Central High School)

Brittany Stancavage (Bristol Central High School)

Allison Trudeau (Terryville High School)


Robert Roberge (Bristol Central High School)

Kayla Rozanski (Bristol Central High School)

Sophie Dzikas (Bristol Eastern High School)

Megan Savoir (Bristol Eastern High School)

Brandon Wysocki (Terryville High School)

Vincent Zhang (Southington High School)

Rebecca Noel (Lewis Mills High School)


Robert Jacques (Bristol Central High School)

Skylar Wright (Bristol Central High School)

Jenna Rodjenski (Bristol Eastern High School)

Joanna Korpanty (Bristol Eastern High School)

Diane Hassanieh (Southington High School)

Rachel Klem (Southington High School)

2017 scholarship winners

​​Here is a fillable PDF that applicants must complete. Download it and then fill it in.

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